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The KRAKEN is a huge marketplace for trading in illegal goods. It is necessary to decide on the concept itself, which goods can be attributed to them. Considering the policies of various states, we can say with 100% certainty that there are types of goods that under no circumstances will become available for free sale. These include firearms and edged weapons, chemical compounds that are used in the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction, various poisons, precious stones and metals, ozone-depleting substances, medicines, radio electronics, various collections of paleontology and mineralogy, narcotic means and their derivatives. The state also prohibits the trade in human organs and people.

Almost all of the products listed above can be found at in.k2web.at . KRAKEN is positioning itself as the top resource for the sale of forbidden items on the dark web. Considering the specifics of the goods, do not forget about your safety. Access the kraken only with a VPN and a secure TOR browser. We also do not recommend going to the darknet and the KRAKEN when you eat in public transport or in another public place. You may be seen and handed over to law enforcement.
Remember that even walls have eyes and ears, so you should not discuss buying a ban, for example, if you have a smart station with Internet access turned on nearby and, in general, tell any of your friends what and where you buy.